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How to Prepare:

What should I prepare for my Consultation?

Please consider the following points:


If you have suggestions and/or reference materials on the gown's design, neckline or length and have pictures/photos please have them available. Aylin White Designs will bring some inspirational materials with us, to help you find a gown that is just right for you. Please be advised that we will not accept any requests to copy another designer’s gown, corset etc.

Be Honest:

Be clear and honest about what you do and do not want. Remember this is supposed to be a fun experience and not a stressful one.


Have a few friends, family or some of your wedding party with you during your Consultation. Pick people whose style you admire and advice

you appreciate as having too many opinions can be confusing. Your gown should allow your personality to shine and not get lost in the crowd.


Children are welcome, as long as other adults can keep an eye on them. We would not recommend that you be alone as there would be nobody to watch and entertain the children whilst you try on the wedding gowns.


Please wear the underwear you intend to wear on your wedding day to your fittings; the correct bra is essential as the gown will be fitted around it. If you have not purchased your underwear, then please make sure you wear knickers that are modest and are well fitting and if possible a strapless bra. The correct figure shaping underwear can make a huge difference to your confidence and silhouette.


If it is not possible to wear your wedding day shoes then please wear shoes of the same height heel.


Please wear minimal make-up to avoid soiling the gowns.

Please do not wear fake tan.


We will take a complete set of measurements at the preliminary fitting and the gown will be made in accordance with these measurements. Aylin White Designs will not be liable for any changes in the measurements due to weight fluctuations or pregnancy and a charge will apply if work needs to be done to accommodate these variations.

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What happens next:

Your wedding gown Contract.

We will prepare a wedding gown Contract based on the information you have provided, together with the decisions that you made regarding the colour, style and design of your gown during the Consultation.

Step 1.

We will calculate the cost of your wedding gown and agree the cost of any additional charges for extras that you have requested.

Step 2.

A 50% non-refundable deposit (including any additional charges) is required to secure the order. We accept payment by bank transfer, cash or cheque.

Step 3.

Once payment of the 50% deposit is received, we will schedule

a date and time for your first fitting which will take place in your own home. A maximum of three fittings is included in the price of your gown. Any additional fittings will incur an additional charge.

Step 4.

You will be required to read the wedding gown Contract, sign

any disclaimers it contains, and sign and date the Contract once you have agreed and understood its terms and conditions.

Once signed, it will not be possible to cancel the Contract for

any reason. Limited alterations to the hand-painted design may

be considered up to the first fitting. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Step 5.

The balance of any sums due must be made immediately on completion of your gown.

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